Vodafone MultiTXT


The following updates are now live in the web portal, as of March 4, 2021

New "Create Sub-account" Page

When creating a new sub-account, you now have the ability to set SMS limits and assign users at the point of creation:

1. Give your new sub-account a name

2. Set hourly and/or daily SMS limits (this is optional)

3. Assign users to the account (only users associated with the account under which the sub-account is being created can be assigned to the new sub-account)

Shared contacts - improved identifier

When logged into a sub-account and viewing contacts in a list (either in "All Contacts" or as part of a contact group), shared contacts with be shown with a familiar icon to illustrate the fact that the contact has been shared from the parent account. There is also a hover-over tool tip to explain the icon, and the restrictions around editing shared contacts: