Vodafone MultiTXT


We have recently released a new REST API for MultiTXT customers to use for sending and receiving messages. Full documentation of this API is available here

A webhook (or callback) enables our platform to ping your application with information about a given event (such as a new inbound SMS received). This happens in real-time, allowing you to leverage the platform to create your own 2-way messaging solutions by sending SMS via the API, and processing any responses via Webhooks.

Common events that you will want to listen to:

To create a webhook, log in, and go to Configuration > Webhooks and select "New Webhook"

Set up the basics of your webhook:


Next, specify any headers you would like present in your request.

Finally, specify the content to passed in the content of the request to the specified endpoint. A good default to specify would be the following:


Finally, hit save.

In this example, we created a webhook that will POST to https://yourapplication.com/sms/inbound-sms when you receive a SMS, as a JSON request with the following information in the JSON body: id, accountId, sourceAddress, destinationAddress, messageContent, replyContent.