Vodafone MultiTXT

Sending to a list of numbers

To send the same message content to a list of numbers, navigate to Messaging > New Message

There are a few different ways you can add multiple numbers:

  1. Paste Numbers - If you have a list of numbers in a spreadsheet, you can copy them directly from the spreadsheet and paste them into the “To” field
  2. Add Contacts / Groups
    • Click on “Browse Contacts” or “Browse Contact Groups” next to the “To” field
    • Tick the box next to each contact or group you want to add
    • You can search for specific contacts using the search box

3. Import from file

Next, compose your message in the “Message Content” field. You can also add an opt-out message by clicking the “Opt-out message” button in the top right of the dialogue box.

Next, complete the following steps (if required):

Once you are happy with your message, click Send