Vodafone MultiTXT


Please note - we have updated the inbox function. For more information on the update, read this article.

The inbox allows you to view all inbound messages over the past 45 days. New incoming messages are loaded automatically and you can distinguish unread conversations with its "last received" time in blue. 

Unread messages appear with the "last received" time in blue. The number denotes the number of unread messages there are in that conversation:

You can use the filter to view only unread messages if preferred:

View a conversation with a recipient by clicking on the phone number or contact name in the left pane. You can reply using the compose field at the bottom of the conversation view. Simply type a response and click Send. If the recipient is listed in your contacts, their name will be displayed above their mobile number within the conversation history view.

If you have Templates saved, you can use them in your quick replies by selecting the relevant template from the dropdown list:

If you require access to messages older than 45 days, simply go to Reports > Detailed Reports and search for the recipient mobile number.

Note: Mobile numbers need to be entered in full international E.164 format e.g. +6421345687